Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is important to extend the life of your tires and increase the basic safety of your car. Our staff at Hurst's Tire Service is here to help with all of your tire balancing and tire service needs in East Earl, PA and surrounding areas.

Computerized tire balancing is checked on a machine which can detect even ¼ of an ounce of difference in weight around the wheel. Why worry about that small of a weight difference on an object which weighs so much? That tiny amount of weight travels very fast around the axle while you are driving: hundreds of times a minute. This causes enough momentum to create serious vibration and when multiplied times 4 wheels, the wobble really adds up.

Hurst's Tire Service Tire Balancing

When do tires need to be balanced: Tire balancing takes place any time you replace the tires on your vehicle. Since tires wear depending on driving practices and road problems, uneven wear will start to become noticeable after the first 1,000-2,000 miles of use. Tires must be checked for balance every 4,000-6,000 miles. Our mechanics at Hurst's Tire Service can help determine whether your tires need to be rotated and balanced based on wear or mileage.

IMPORTANT: It is not advised to replace just one tire as this can cause major problems to the alignment, balance, and handling of the automobile.

How to tell if your tires require balancing:

  • Steering wheel vibrations while driving
  • Uneven tire tread wear
  • Ride that becomes less smooth over the life of your tires
  • Pulling to one side

The advantages of tire balancing:

  • Smoother driving experience
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • More even tire wear
  • Extended life of tires and drive train parts

Hurst's Tire Service Tire Balancing in East Earl, PA

If you've experienced vibration while on the road, there is a good chance that a bad balance is the culprit.  Hurst's Tire Service features state-of-the-art balancing equipment.  Not only can we balance your tires but we can also "Roadforce" them.  Roadforce balancing technology features the ability to add the actual force that your tire experiences when it's rolling down the road.  Not all tire balancing is created equal.  We can insure that no matter what tire size and wheel application, we will rid you of any vibration caused from that "bad tire / wheel balance".  If you are in the Lancaster, PA area, be sure to stop in if you are experiencing any vibration while rolling our way!